Karu village: Plan to remove attachments will not affect indigenous houses ― FCTA

Fri May 20th, 2022 - Abuja (FCT)

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), on Friday in Abuja assured that the planned removal of shops attachments at Karu village in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) would not affect indigenous houses.

Mr Ikharo Attah, Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, gave the assurance at a meeting with the leadership of Karu Gbagyi Development Association Abuja.

Attah explained that the objective of the planned demolition was to shift some shops attachments and other illegal structures under Electric High Tension and close to road shoulder a little bit back.

The minister’s aide stated that the FCT Administration was a partner with the indigenous people and communities, adding that the administration was grateful with the cooperation and support of the indigenous community.

“We are grateful that all indigenous communities have given us enough cooperation to build this city And we must be internally grateful.

“And we are not mindful of the fact that we should treat the indigenes very specially not because other Nigerians are not special but because of the fact that we met them at the point of exist from Lagos to Abuja that give them very special privileged among the leagues of other ethnic nationalities and communities within the FCT.

“What we have discussed over the issue and further engagement to go and check will be carried out. I want to assure the Chief that we will not go for the operation until we have concluded All engagements.

“Indigenous houses will not be affected you can go to sleep with that. What we want to do is to shift the shops attachment and others a little back,” Attah said.

He, therefore, solicited the cooperation of all stakeholders to ensure that the operation is carried out successful.

Earlier, Chief. Yunana Bawa, Sarkin Yaki (Bhazhe) Karu Abuja, commended the FCTA for initiating the idea to sanitise the area of illegal shops and attachments.

“We are very happy the way you have accepted and cooperate with us that we have some basic place that must go and there are other ancestors place that we will look at it all together.

“So that our own side will not be hurt and nobody will be hurt. So I want to say well done for the exercise. We have been hearing about flood and if not with the help of the FCTA human being sometimes we are very stubborn.

“What the administration will do will help us and saves our lives because some people will go and built by the Rivers side and block the water side.

“And when rain falls it will be a disaster. So I want to also commend the government for initiating the demolition so that people will be put in their toes to avoid infractions.”

Also, the Chairman, Gbagyi Development Association Abuja, Mr Dangana Jimiko, said the the recent removal of attachments and illegal at Karu market “was a blessing to us because we have been battling with those structures for more than three years.”

“As you know the market people need force and the sanity of that place now has really help us.” He stated.




source: Tribune