Kidnapping on Lagos-Ibadan expressway

Tue Jan 11th, 2022 - Lagos

The Lagos-Ibadan expressway has over time become unsafe for commuters and the recent kidnapping of five people by suspected kidnappers as well as the killing of a commercial driver in the process is proof that that road has become a spot for kidnappers.

As busy as the road is, kidnappers and robbers are not deterred or afraid of attacking motorists. The truth is that the situation of the road and the risks on the route require urgent attention of security agencies particularly men of the anti-kidnapping squad.

In view of this, I want to use this medium to call the Oyo and Lagos states’ anti-kidnapping bosses to work together and send their boys back to the Lagos-Ibadan expressway to curb incessant cases of kidnapping and flush out suspected kidnappers who have now made the route their haven.

These kidnappers are known to perpetrate crimes usually early in the morning and late at night; members of the public are advised to take note of this while travelling on this route.

What do we do to prevent further kidnapping along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway? The solution to the menace is for government to mobilise security agencies and send the anti-kidnapping squad back to the roads and give them what they need to discharge their duties effectively.

I also want to plead with Oyo and Lagos states to pay more attention to the road. The Federal Government of Nigeria should mandate the IGP, Baba Usman Alkali, to send more police officers to Oyo and Lagos police commands to join those on ground to fight the war against kidnappers.

Barrister Jimoh Mumin, Ibadan




source: Tribune