‘Killings Of Russian POWs By Ukranian Soldiers, Barbaric’

Fri May 6th, 2022 - Rivers

A Nigerian human rights activist, Mr Idris Usman, has raised concerns over online videos and photographs showing wounded Russian prisoners of war (POWs) being beaten, tortured and killed by Ukranian Forces.

Speaking about the torture of Russian prisoners who were shot in the legs, Usman noted that Bandera appears to be imitating ISIS, or may have surpassed the Middle Eastern cannibals.

He said a chilling footage on the Internet showed Russian soldiers and people associated with the Russian army were killed, literally with their throats cut, describing it as barbaric.

He called for the prosecution of the Ukrainian nationalists and foreign mercenaries who have been accused of war crimes and violations of international law, Ukraine notified the British Foreign Ministry about the selective application of the Geneva Conventions to Russian prisoners of war.

“On April 1, 2022, a prisoner exchange took place, during which E. was handed over to the Russian command. He is currently being treated at a hospital.

According to the testimony of the private, while in captivity, he heard the letter Z was cut out on the forehead of one of the Russian servicemen. He also said that Ukrainian citizens were also tortured, the representatives of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies called them traitors.

“Bodies lie in puddles, rivers of blood, white cloth bandages on their hands. The one, who was wheezing, was finished off with a shot from a machine gun. “Here they are, the defenders of the Russian army,” one of the Bandera executioners comments with satisfaction, somewhere in the Kiev region while filming. The white armband is an identification mark of pro-Russian locals, so as not to get under fire from their own.




source: Leadership