Lagos Explosion: Enugu residents decry site of gas, fuel stations within residential areas

Wed Mar 18th, 2020 - Anambra

Some Enugu residents on Tuesday decried indiscriminate site of gas filling and fuel stations within residential areas following the gas explosion on March 16 in Lagos.

Some residents, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu, said the site of gas shops and fuel stations within residential areas constituted threat to public safety.

Mrs Uche Muoma, a civil servant, said that allowing gas filling shops to operate close to residential areas was unsafe.

According to her, it was gas explosion in Lagos, it could be any other place next time.

Muoma added that the explosion that occurred in Lagos could as well happen in Enugu if the location of gas filling shops were not checked.

“Whether the explosion is from gas processing plant or from gas filling shops, both are disastrous to human beings,” she said.

Another resident, Mrs Mabel Ozor, said that site gas and fuel stations close to places like schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, markets and parks should be discouraged for everyone’s safety.

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Mr Okechukwu Obi, a businessman, said that construction of petrol stations and gas filling shops in residential areas were very risky.

Obi called on the regulatory agency to check the indiscriminate location of fuel and gas stations within the metropolis.

“I am calling on the state government to begin to relocate gas filling shops and fuel stations out of residential areas so as to avoid disaster as it happened in Lagos,” he said.

Meanwhile, another resident, Mr Chika Nwaome expressed worry that some industrial layouts in the state had been converted to residential areas thereby making it difficult for industrialists to operate.

“For instance, the Emene Industrial Layout meant for factories have been converted to residential areas while some industrialists operating there are being threatened to leave the environment originally meant for them by the then Anambra State,’’ he said.




source: Vanguard