LKJ: Still the measuring rod

Tue Apr 17th, 2018 - Delta

It must be said that for leaders like Jakande,the most important thing was public need against private greed.When one looks at the trillions Lagos has spent in recent years with little investment in human development ,you are bound to venerate Jakande .The year that Lagos budget in the Jakande years hit one billion was in 1984.I recall the headline then “Lagos Hits N1b.”Jakande did not implement that budget as the Buhari coup of December 31,1983 ended that Republic.That military junta terminated the Metro Line project conceived by that great administrator and paid in compensation to the contractors what would have completed that project . Thirty four years after ,the Leader who cancelled that project that would have resolved the transportation chaos in the city returned to commission a bus park!

In people like Jakande comes a valid point by those who argue that there are possibilities even in the current structures of Nigeria if you have leaders who are committed to the welfare of the people.We saw the impact purposeful governance can make in the life of a people under Baba Kekere.

The flip side however is that a Jakande would always be a happenstance in a badly structured polity with what should be the norm an accident. But even a restructured polity cannot be left in the hands of thieving rulers. A restructured polity with the Jakandes as managers holds limitless possibilities .

Thanks LKJ for being a measuring rod in public service in the order of your Leader, Oloye Obafemi Awolowo.

…Balarabe Musa’s satanic verses

FORMER Governor of Kaduna State in the Second Republic ,Alhaji Balarabe Musa in his interview with SUN Newspaper on Sunday expressed dangerous thoughts that could harm the polity and we should not allow him to get away with it.

Musa castigated TY Danjuma for calling on the people to defend themselves against killer herdsmen “It is a reckless statement. As a leader he shouldn’t make negative statements. I know he was pained about insecurity in the country, but as a leader we should not make things worse by our comments. We contribute to make things better in spite of the bitter position of our hearts. So what he has said, I think, it was inconsistent with a responsible leader.”

The “responsible” Musa shortly after excoriating Danjuma for making a call to self-defense recognised by the constitution delved into treasonable forecast as he apparently fears the hegemony he truly represents risks losing power :

“There is every reason for the army to come back. People, who are saying that army will not come back are only being apolitical, stupid and deceiving people. There is one element, if we are not careful, that can bring back the army. When the situation gets to the worst, and I think it is as bad as it is now, the army will soon realise that they are paying more than the civilians, more soldiers die in the process of bringing about stability. The level of unity and consciousness within the Armed Forces is greater than that of civilians. The army may come out and say, ‘Look, we cannot pay greater prize for the unity and stability of the nation because of the actions or inactions of irresponsible civilians, let’s us take over power and clear the road, we cannot rely on the parliament, we cannot rely on governments as far as we are concerned, we are powerless, let’s take over power so that we can bring about normalcy. Is that not what happened in 1966? For anybody to say the army cannot come back is ignoring the level of irresponsibility by civilians.”

He thereafter began to speak in some tongues that made no sense to rational minds putting responsible organisations asking that Nigeria be run as a proper country in the same league with terror group and armed robbers “The unfortunate thing is that we are moving towards anarchy; be it Niger Delta and the ethnic separatists, whether you call them ACF, Ohanaeze, Afenifere; add to that list armed robbers, kidnappers and Boko Haram. Looking at the case of separatists, I agree that they have not been identified with criminal activities, but you know their actions could lead to that. So even though they have not been grouped as criminals like armed robbers, the actions of the ethnic separatists could have the same effect. If President Buhari does not watch Afenifere, Ohanaeze, ACF and IPOB, very carefully, they will bring about a worse situation than Boko Haram. If we don’t know this, let’s remember what led to the 1966 coup. So these separatist groups should be watched even though they are not involved in criminality. But they are engaged in what could lead to criminal activities”. This was what led to operation “wetie” in the South West and ‘Araba’ in the North, which led to the 1966 coup. All these are the activities of separatist organisations like ACF, Afenifere, Ohanaeze and so on who are not into criminality per se, but they should be watched as much as armed robbers, insurgents and other political criminals like Niger Delta militia.”

Does the above makes sense, Alhaji Musa?Is everything ok?

And what is your position on the Fulani herdsmen killing people on daily basis in our country as I found none in your interview? What comes to me is a quote often attributed to Mark Twain and Abraham Lincon :

“Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubts ”




source: Vanguard