My husband was shot in the leg, amputated for sleeping with girlfriend of cult member, woman tells court

Sat May 7th, 2022 - Lagos

A woman, Titilayo Folorunsho has dragged her husband, Lekan Folorunsho, before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State on the accounts of irresponsibility, neglect and constant beating.

The plaintiff told the court she has had enough of her husband’s atrocities and thus entreated the court to end their union.

Titilayo also pleaded with the court to put their children in her care because her husband has failed to carry out his duty towards them.

She further prayed the court to restrain him from coming to her place of abode and work place to harass, threaten or fight her.

Lekan did not admit to the claims brought against him.

Titilayo in her testimony said: “I met my husband in my church, but I was forced to date him by our area sister who was the prophetess in charge of the mountain where we went to pray.

“He impregnated me while we were courting and took me to his village to meet his mother.

“My husband, a few month after this, bought some stolen goods and was sought after by the police.

“He ran away from home and I was arrested and put in police custody for 14 days. I was released only after my brother got my bail.

“My husband was later arrested, arraigned and sentenced to jail.

“My brother came to my rescue by taking me to Lagos where he resided. I was with him till my pregnancy was eight months old. He later took me to Ilesha where my husband’s family resides so that I could put to bed there.

“My husband’s siblings were hostile to me while his younger brother made sexual advances at me after I put to bed.

“My husband was released from prison when our child was five months old, but to my chagrin he came home in the company with another woman.

“We were all living together and he dealt with me brutally. He took to beating me always.

“He neglected me and as a nursing mother starved me. On many occasions I took only a cup of gari throughout the day.

“I made an attempt at running away to my brother in Lagos, but my husband’s siblings dragged me back home.

“My husband and I eventually returned to Ibadan leaving behind the strange woman he brought home, but he didn’t stop maltreating me.

“Lekan hardly ever slept at home. He would abandon me and our child for weeks without food but would squander his resources at the beer parlour buying drinks for his friends.

“While I was carrying our second pregnancy, my husband misbehaved and went into hiding.

“He bought bottles of beer at the beer parlour on credit and refused to pay. I was again arrested by the police and put in their custody for days,” the plaintiff stated.

She added: “My husband is irrational in his ways and always suspicious of me. He humiliates me by always stripping me naked and asking me to swear that no other man slept with me.

“My lord, I dragged myself to the hospital when I was about to deliver our second child. My husband was nowhere to be found. I lost a lot of blood as a result of the stress I went through.

“He neglected my health and failed to provide me with food and provisions needed to replenish myself. All he was concerned about was throwing a party during our child’s naming ceremony,” Titilayo added.

The plaintiff further explained that, “He once abandoned me and our children on the pretext that he was going to Idiroko, the border town to work. But I later learnt he was in Ilesa, loafing about.

“He returned home and took to beating me the more.

“He again lied to me that he got a job and was travelling to resume work, but I later got a call from Lautech Hospital, Ogbomoso that he was on admission there.

“I informed his family members and rushed there.

“My lord, on getting there I was informed that he was shot in the leg by a member of Aiye Cult whose girlfriend he lodged in an hotel and was sleeping with.

“I was shuttling between Ibadan and Ogbomoso to take care of him while none of his family members showed any concern or made any attempt at checking on him throughout the period he was on admission in the hospital.

“Since the hospital authorities refused that we spent the night in the premises, I slept in a mosque nearby.

“My husband’s leg was at the end of the day amputated.

“His behaviour got worse. He refused that I had peace of mind and was always accusing me of sleeping with other men.

“I made up my mind I was leaving him, but he begged that I shouldn’t desert him.

“My church being a witness to my ordeal, rented a room for me, but he created a scene when my brother came to pack my belongings out of his house.

“He went begging to live, but moved with compassion, I offered that he moved in with me. I caught he had learnt his lesson, but he proved me wrong.

“Lekan never ceased to accuse me of infidelity and would beat me blue black.

“I threw him out after I realised he can never change.

“My lord, Lekan has wasted a meaningful part of my life.

“I want to move on in life and make the best out of the remaining days of my life.

“I also want to be there for our children and give them the best I can offer.

“I, therefore, appeal to this honourable court to end our marriage and grant me custody of our children. It is obvious that he can’t take care of them.

“I further implore the court to restrain him from coming to harass, threaten or fight me in my home or work place,” Titilayo pleaded.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard the plaintiff adjourned the case for further hearing till June 9.




source: Tribune