My wife leaks our secrets, got me arrested; police beat me to a pulp —Husband

Sat Nov 20th, 2021 - Oyo

A man, Saliu Rasheed, recently dragged his wife, Taye Rasheed before Oja Oba / Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that it end their union.

Saliu alleged that his wife was troublesome and in the habit of fighting him, their neighbours and those in the neighbourhood.

He added that Taye had a loose mouth and thus found it difficult keeping their secrets.

According to the plaintiff, everybody in their compound and neighbourhood knew all that was going on in their marriage and home.

The plaintiff further stated that the defendant was accorded no respect by their neighbours and those living around them because she is a busy body who never ceased to poke nose into their affairs.

The plaintiff said that his wife did the worst when she arrested him with the police who beat him blue black and left him with a swollen face.

Saliu told the court he was fed up with his wife and therefore, pleaded that it separated them.

Taye agreed that the court stop their relationship.

Explaining the reason for her decision, the defendant said that the plaintiff reneged on his promise to do all that was in his power to make her and their only child comfortable.

She stated further that her husband had a caustic tongue and that he always lashed at her.

Shedding more light on this, Taye said no day passed without Saliu using unprintable words at her and also cursing at her.

According to her, her parents were also not spared as Saliu poured contempt on them on regular basis as he insulted and humiliated them.

Taye denied leaking out her family secrets.

She explained that she only reported Saliu’s misbehaviour to one of his friends living in the neighbourhood.

Taye who told the court she never fought in the neighbourhood said the most dreadful of Saliu’s irrational behaviour was his practice of brandishing the cutlass at her any time they had a misunderstanding, threatening to cut her into pieces.

The defendant said she had reported him at nine different police stations for attempting to hurt her with the cutlass.

Taye further said that Saliu constantly neglected her because he has a second wife who bore him five children.

She pleaded with the court after separating them to grant her custody of their child because Saliu had no interest in her.

She further entreated the court to make him responsible for their child’s upkeep.

Saliu in his evidence said, “My lord, I beg that you stop the relationship between Taye and me, before she snuffs life out of me.

“Taye fights me every day and has refused that I have peace of mind. Our neighbours know the day has broken when they hear us arguing or shouting at each other on the top of our voices.

“My wife is hard to please and always seek every opportunity to turn the whole house upside down.

“Taye extended her hostile behaviour to our neighbours and those in the neighbourhood. Hardly is there a house where she has not fought with someone. And these now avoid her.”

He added that, “I have stopped discussing important issues with my wife because she has a loose mouth and finds it difficult keeping secrets. She tells whoever cares to listen all that is happening in our home and marriage.

“The more I correct her, the worse she becomes.

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“No one accords Taye respect in our neighbourhood because she is a busy body and has refused to mind her business. She loves to poke nose in other people’s affair and has thus become an object of ridicule by both the young and old.

“I have reported her to her parents times without number but all has been to no avail.

“My lord, my wife did the worst when she got me arrested by the police who beat me to a pulp and left me with a swollen face.

“I’m done with Taye. She’s an evil wind that blows no one any good,” the plaintiff stated.

The defendant responding to what the plaintiff said: “My lord, Saliu has failed as a husband and father.

“He has gone back on his words to make me and our child comfortable.

“He started accusing me of making our family issue public when I reported his misbehaviour in the home to a friend of his in our neighbourhood.

“Saliu has a caustic tongue and never ceases to use unprintable words on me. He likewise rains curses on me.

“He extended this unruly behaviour to my parents whom he treats with contempt.

“My lord, Saliu lied that I fight our neighbours. Everyone in our neighbourhood can testify that I’m a friendly person.

“My husband took to threatening me with cutlass. He’s in the habit of brandishing cutlass at me and threatening to cut me into pieces any time we quarreled.

“I have reported him at nine police stations as a result of this, but this did not deter him.

“My lord, Saliu misbehaves because he has another wife who bore him five children while I only bore him one.

“I no longer derive joy in my marriage to my husband. I, therefore, agree that the court separate us and grant me custody of our child.

“I further implore this honourable court to make him responsible for her upkeep,” the defendant pleaded.

Ruling after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their wedlock and granted the defendant custody of their child.

The plaintiff was ordered to be responsible for her upkeep, giving education and health priority.




source: Tribune