Nigeria and Ecology of the Expendable

Thu Nov 10th, 2022 -

SIR: Nigeria’s swift but sorry decline to the stage when life has become cheaper than toilet paper has been overwhelmingly marked by a shocking lack of respect for human life.

Whether it is the relationship of Nigerians to one another or in their daily relations with security agents, many times, life has been snuffed out of Nigerians and because there were no consequences, those who snuffed life out with no justification returned to snuff out life from others.

An overwhelming sense of insecurity sweeps the land and Nigerians would be forgiven for thinking that those who should keep them safe have failed at their task. Everyday, all over the country, news break of how people were attacked and killed, or their properties completely destroyed by those who should ordinarily be cooling their heels in jail. Such has become the daily reality of many Nigerians.

On Friday, October 21, 2022 gunmen attacked the convoy of Apostle Johnson Suleman near Auchi on his way from Benin City after arriving from Tanzania. Apostle Suleman is the Founder and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, a mega church based in Auchi, Edo State. In the attacks, which have since sent shockwaves coursing around the country, about seven people were said to have been killed. Among the dead were three policemen and others including a little girl.
As usual, the gruesome attacks have sent Nigerians into an overdrive of reactions with many questioning the security available to life and property in Nigeria and expressing their utter dissatisfaction at the level of insecurity.
The gruesome attack also whipped up an even more pertinent question, which verges on the worth attached to the lives of those who are employed by others in whatever capacity in Nigeria.
In the aftermath of the heinous attack on innocent lives and property, Apostle Suleman had ascribed his survival to God`s saving power. But it has since emerged that beyond God`s doubtless and limitless power to protect which undoubtedly came to the fore during the attack, Apostle Suleman and all those who escaped the assassins deadly fire were filed behind a bullet-proof vehicle. Usually, while the employer escapes unhurt or with minimum injuries, the employees either lose their lives or suffer life-changing injuries.
While everything must be done to unravel those behind the sacrilegious attacks, even more urgent steps must be taken to secure the lives and limbs of those who work for others in whatever capacity. They must never be seen to have been needlessly put at risk.
When they are felled in the line of duty, adequate compensation must be given to their survivors.
Kene Obiezu (Twitter: @kenobiezu)




source: Guardian