South East, Lagos Uninterested In Police Recruitment

Thu Apr 28th, 2022 - Abia

The South East states and Lagos State have shunned the ongoing police recruitment exercise as they have recorded the least in the shortlisted candidates.

Anambra State had the least number of applicants shortlisted for the exercise and who sat for the exams as only 143 applicants were shortlisted and 134 showed up for the exam.

The state is closely followed by Ebonyi State with 202 shortlisted applicants while 184 sat for the examination. Lagos State came third from the rear with 277 shortlisted applicants and 275 sitting for the exams.

The figures for other South West states are; Ogun, 677 shortlisted, 648 sat for the exams; Osun; 1137 shortlisted, 1088 showed up for the exams; Ekiti; 727 shortlisted, 692 sat for the exams; Ondo, 1532 shortlisted, 1431 showed up; and Oyo, 954 shortlisted, 904 sat for the exams.

The figures for the other South East states are; Enugu 400 shortlisted, 362 showed up; Imo, 506 shortlisted, 467 sat for the exams and Abia, 318 shortlisted and 294 showed up.

The figures for South South Zone are; Akwa Ibom, 2263, shortlisted, 2,195 sat for the exams; Cross Rivers, 1,350 were shortlisted, 1290 appeared for the exams; Rivers, 947 were shortlisted, 907 sat for the exams; Bayelsa, 502 were shortlisted, 462 showed up for the exams; Edo, 696 were shortlisted, 659 sat for the exams and Delta where 487 were shortlisted and 436 sat for the exams.

For North East; 4,063 applicants were shortlisted in Bornu while 3,948 sat for the exams; 2163 were shortlisted in Taraba and 2,082 showed up. In Gombe State, 2,204 were shortlisted and 2117 applicants sat for the exams; Adamawa had 4,295 shortlisted and 4,161 sat for the exams. Also, 3,317 candidates were shortlisted in Bauchi and 3,226 sat for the exams. Yobe State had 1,839 shortlisted candidates and 1,841 sat for the exams.




source: Leadership