The pain that is Akute-Ajuwon road

Fri Jan 24th, 2020 - Lagos

That the people of Ajuwon and Akute, border towns in Iju area between Lagos and Ogun states are literally in distress is no longer news, but most worrisome is the fact that year after year, administration after administration, the area is neglected by the Ogun State government.

They only come up on the map and agenda of government officials during election campaigns and forceful drive for Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). The communities are ensconced by awful and dreadful roads.

While the Lagos State government recently moved its road rehabilitation train to Iju-Ajuwon road linking Ajuwon to Agege and Ikeja, to make it fairly motorable, the Akute-Ajuwon road and the whole stretch from Ajuwon to Alagbole linking to Berger is an eyesore and a study in neglect by elected officials.

For anyone making a shuttle out of the community to any part of Lagos, it is literally regarded as a shuttle from the ‘dark ages’ to ‘civilization’. Only the lucky few elites who drive in air-conditioned SUVs through the bumpy ride manage to escape the hail of dust hanging over the entire area due to the abandoned 32km Sango/Akute/Ajuwon/Ojodu-Abiodun road construction.




source: Guardian