US, Nigeria Rotary Clubs Distribute Medical Items In Delta

Wed May 18th, 2022 - Bayelsa

Rotary Club of Maple Grove, District 5950 Minnesota, United States of America (USA) in collaboration with Rotary Club of Agege in Lagos and Ughelli in Delta State have distributed mosquito treated nets, and other medical items to Patani Kingdom in Delta.

During the training of volunteers, the president, Rotary Club of Maple Grove District 5950 Minnesota USA, Mrs Jennifer Borel, described the distribution of medical supplies as part of the Rotary Club humanitarian services to communities.

She said Patani local government area of Delta, which is a border community between Bayelsa and Delta states, was chosen to benefit from the Rotary Club’s zero malaria project.

She said the choice of Patani was due to the high percentage of the area being flood-prone which breeds mosquitoes that lead to malaria.

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Borel said the clubs involved are Rotary Club of Agege and the Rotary Club of Ughelli metropolis all in Nigeria.

“This initiative is targeted to the grassroots people, as we want to come down to the people that are really affected by malaria parasite through mosquito. Most time there are less privileged people who cannot afford medications, even mosquito nets and other medical items.

“So, we decided to come to them, however people say what is it about malaria prevention. But we are adding value to this one, that is why we added educational training for the people, we are community based volunteers and they are all being trained,” she said.




source: Leadership