We Are Killers

Fri May 20th, 2022 - Sokoto

In a world denied of humanity, what you find is barbarism. In all our traces as a people, we tend to exhibit the ugly sides of our existence than good the sides which are usually uncommon. I have seen avoidable deaths carried out by people who breathe the air that I breathe and live the life I live. Almost everyone is now a killer as the side of the heart that harbours meekness has been extracted and deadened.

I have seen people waylay travellers and slaughter them in numbers, in this same world I live in. I have seen people murdered in hotel rooms and their body parts dismembered, in this world I live, I have seen people abducted and killed by fellow humans. Just recently, two Nigerians trained in the colour of nationalism were caught, the wife raped before her husband, her private part torn open and the eyes of the man gouged out and then set on fire to burn to ash! Yes, in this same clime where going to church and mosque define our creed!

Just yesterday, a lady was stoned and burnt to extinction for blasphemous acts. She was not given the chance to see her fault and perhaps make amends, she was brutally murdered by people whose traces of humanity left them the day they were abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves. What empathy do you get from people born bitter and groomed in bitterness? Can the products of the street give succour? Hell no!

Do you know why crimes persist in this world? Because those gifted with the sanity of mind give legitimacy to those who commit crimes. If not, why help to justify what the killers of the lady in Sokoto are saying? They didn‘t kill the innocent lady because she allegedly blasphemed the prophet, they killed her because of their barbarism, they should be punished for killing a soul and not giving them the honour of religious canopy. No religion gives anyone the license to kill another person, not even Islam. Those guys didn‘t kill that lady because they are Muslims, they killed her because they are imbued with killer instincts. The punishment for any killer is equal death!

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You can‘t be a Muslim who wants to defend Islam by abducting travellers on the road and keeping them in the forest for ransom, a good Muslim who loves the prophet cannot allow children to roam the streets without shelter or food, a good Muslim work hard to make his community habitable – be that Muslim and not the one that is only a Muslim when it has to do with intolerance.

In short, be the human you were created to be. Christianity and Islam are wonderful religions inhabited by some mad people and defended by some insane people. No matter the provocation, killing someone is never a justification, it doesn‘t make you a lover of the prophet, it makes you a trigger for those who denigrate the prophet. From the so-called blasphemy of one lady, we now have more people bashing the prophet and Islam. So what have you gained? Let your attitude be the mirror that is Islam and not your barbarism. The world does not revolve around your primitivity and inhumanity.

We were united and unmistaken on the cowardly murder of Deborah Yakubu by the lunatics in Sokoto, we didn‘t mince words even with the inherent tags that greeted our stance. We condemned that barbarism because we are humans not necessarily because we are religious. Anyone killed is a loss to humanity whether Christian, Muslim, Hare Krishna, Hindu or atheist.




source: Leadership