What we will do differently during the holidays

Sat Aug 6th, 2022 - Kwara

Heritage Oluwadarasimi Kehinde

I have had different holidays in the past, but this long vacation that precedes a new session, I plan spending it differently.

Firstly, I plan to learn how to study more on my own after my summer classes. Secondly, I am willing to learn skills like crafts, games and I.T coding. In conclusion, I want to give my time to studying my Bible by picking a character to study.

Tioluwanimi Togunse

During this holiday, I will attend Holiday Bible School in my church. I will also go for summer lesson organised in my school.

One of the new things I will do is to learn how to bake cake and make chinchin. I also want to read a chapter of the Bible per day. I plan to read five story books during this holiday too.

Emmanuel Aanuoluwa Olawoore

The only thing I will be doing differently during this holidays is that I want to enrol in a computer class.

Araoluwa Akorede

I will attend summer lessons and when I return, I will help my mum in her shop.

Toluwanimi Fanawopo

Firstly, I will like to acquire skills in fashion designing because it will be an added advantage for me and will also keep me busy rather than being idle during holidays. Some see fashion designing as unimportant but for me it is a very important skill, if acquired.

Honour IyanuOluwa Kehinde, St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Ilorin, Kwara State, Pry 4

I will like to spend my holidays differently by learning new things like sporting events. I also want to know how to operate the computer better.

IseOluwa Agunbiade

I wish to take time to study the word of God more this holiday and start working on my New General Mathematics. I also have the plan to start serious cooking and be a helping hand in the kitchen. I wish to learn new skills as the opportunity comes. I have decided to read my books every day in preparation for a better performance in secondary school. May God help me.

George Adepoju

I usually go to my cousin’s house to spend my holiday and also attend holiday lessons but this time around I will like to go for computer and musical training which will be different from what I have been doing during my previous holidays.




source: Tribune