Why our leaders can’t resign

Fri Jul 8th, 2022 - Bauchi

Upon all the existing factors that are enough to be reasons for one’s resignation as an elected leader in Nigeria, I don’t know what often shields them from towing that path. Despite the gruesome killings, kidnappings, molestation and other unfavourable crimes are thriving in our localities, yet they don’t mind. Why?

It seems like there is no “resignation” in the dictionary of Nigerian leaders because you hardly see them tendering their resignation when things tend to go out of their control. Sadly they prepare to die in power than to live outside power.

Unlike our shabby mentality, those who have tried and failed in saner climes mostly took the most honourable decision by relieving themselves of the burden threatening them; some resign for reasons which we might see as petty while some just resign for being unable to deliver their political promises which they made during campaign and others resign for failure to secure the lives of their people which is one of the best reason for one to vacate.

That boyish and stupid mentality should be tamed with immediate effect, else the next generation will suffer from the hands of immoral beings who would in the near future assume the mantle of leadership and keep subjecting the lives of millions of people to excruciating pains.

Enough is enough. Just tender resignation whenever the condition warrants that. Don’t subject the lives of millions of people to jeopardy for the sake of political greed. Learn to relinquish your position for the sake of your people. Maybe, that will be the only positive impact you will ever made for your people.

The social, political and economic vicissitudes we are facing incessantly in Nigeria is a result of greed of our leaders. It’s simple to get that when you try to justly analyse and evaluate the current scenario taking place in the country.

Until we console our greedy minds to do away with that culture of political greed by learning how to vacate position when things tend to get out of our control, we shall find it difficult to sail through the dark ocean.

Abdulrahman Yunusa,





source: Tribune