Yetunde Ajibade: ‘I will continue to learn till the day I die’

Sat Nov 9th, 2019 - Lagos

Yetunde Ajibade

Yetunde Ajibade is a lawyer, trainer, Montessori educationist and sales expert. She oversees the strategic direction of Ace Michaels Integrated Services Limited, which conducts capacity building programs and strategy sessions for HNI’s and corporate organizations. Unsatisfied with the state of education in the country, after her Master’s, Yetunde proceeded to the University of Nottingham in the UK to study early childhood education and upon her return, has organized several workshops to promote the benefits of quality education at all levels before finally deciding to set up her own Montessori-run school. As a professional trainer, coach and lecturer for the Center for Law and Business and Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Yetunde has helped many professionals confidently and comfortably navigate business situations for career advancement and success. Yetunde co-founded GETWORK Nigeria, an initiative hinged on improving the current quality of entry level workforce in Nigeria through training and development, mentoring and recruitment to place suitable candidates in the jobs of their dreams. A passionate advocate for women empowerment, she organizes sustainability projects and has traveled round the country organizing skill acquisition projects for vulnerable women. In this interview, she talks about how empowering women came naturally to her, dumping law for education, why Montessori education is better for children and why not everyone needs to start a school amongst other issues.

Give us a peep into your background?
I read law in the university of Lagos and proceeded to the Nigerian Law School in Lagos before moving to the U.K to pursue a Master’s degree in marketing and innovation. This was exciting for me because I quickly learnt that any business that is not innovative would die. Around this period, the standard of education was something I was passionate about and determined to improve so I went on to study early years education at the University of Nottingham. I intend to go all the way and get a PhD in it. I will continue to learn to the day I die.

You’re a woman of many parts, lawyer, educationist, Montessori directness and so on, how do you make everything function seamlessly?
I think it’s the excitement of waking up every morning knowing I’m doing what I love to do. I’ve always been restless and a talkative right from when I was young and people told me I would become a lawyer. Getting things done gives me life and being idle is as good as being dead. I have 3 P’s by which I live my life by, people, purpose and profit. I’ve always been a people person but I’ll say this really started in 2009. I was just sitting and thinking to myself that I wanted to make impact in life. So I called my friends together and started a group called, “senoritas, so what?” and later, “young women for positive change.” I just wanted to get women together to help one another and give back to the society. So we put our money together and visited less privileged homes.




source: Guardian