You cannot hide from God

Sat Sep 7th, 2019 - Taraba

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

THE means of communicating with God Almighty is through prayer. People expect God to respond to prayers positively by making them come to reality.

Many people do not know when and how to pray inspite of the fact that Jesus Christ taught us how to pray. Matthew 6:5-13. There are hours of prayer which are to be observed by faithful.

Jesus Christ was always praying, he even took three of his disciples to a place called Gethsemane to pray while he was praying the disciples were sleeping. Brethrens prayer does a lot in people’s life and devil always want to prevent people from praying and observing hourly prayer. He always want to put people into situation where they commit sin so that that their prayers will not be answered.

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Understanding the desire of devil in our life, it is imperative to examine our life, actions and relationship with people, even count our possessions e.g. shoes, clothes, children, wife(s) husband and other things. We count all these things to enable us know and appreciate the position and situation we are presently in. As we are examining and counting the good things about us we should remember to do the same for the bad things i.e. the evil things we have done. Some people have wife(s) and husband but still have four or more concubines.

Some of these people treat their concubines better than their husbands and wife(s) by showing special love for them. They believe nobody is seeing them but someone is seeing them and even recording their activities. These messages may be bitter in the hears of some people but they are facts. Brethren there are nothing one does that is secret to God whether good or bad. God will always use his prophets to reveal to you things you did in secret that are sinful.

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Let‘s examine the story of king David, Bathsheba and Uriah. God loved David and had records of achievements which were counted for him. But David did not count and realized the evil he perpetrated by impregnating Bathsheba wife of David‘s warlord Uriah and causing the death of Uriah. David attempted in many ways to cover up his evil deed but to avail. God was displeased with David for what he did because it was evil. 2 Samuel 11:1-26

David felt indifferent and failed to realize the devilish act as a sin then God sent Prophet Nathan to him Then he told David a parable of two men a rich one and the other poor. The rich man exploited the poor man by taking the only lamb of the poor man to prepare it for his visitor. The rich man had many lambs from which he could afford to prepare more than one for his visitor Prophet Nathan told David that he is the rich man. That inspite of all the things God did for David to make him comfortable; he despised the commandment of God and did evil in the sight of God. Nathan now revealed to him all he did to Uriah and his wife that he taught was secret.

Many people have done secretly what is evil and sinful to God and believed that no one saw them but God saw everything. Immediately David realized he had sinned against God and the gravity of the sin, he “turned his hearth apart” and became dejected and depressed He then told Nathan “I have sinned against God”. Again Nathan told David all what God was going to do as punishment but stilled spared David’s life. 2 Samuel 12:1-15

Brethren my concern for you is that you examine yourself and start counting all the evil things you have done secretly that are hindering answers to your prayers. You would recall in the church at the headquarters, I brought out somebody whose sin committed several years ago have been hindering his prayers because he failed to realize and accept he had sinned then I told him where his problem came from . Some people prefer to be seen and make people believe they are saints and holy whereas they are not. It is preferable for people to acknowledge their sins and pray to God for forgiveness of the evil deeds so that answers to their prayers will not be hindered.





source: Vanguard